When Google Says You’re a Nobody

What happens when you Google your name?

What comes up?

You’re Facebook page, your LinkedIn profile, what?

Do you like what you find? Is it consistent with who you are and how you do your job? Is what you find when you google your name, consistent with who you are?

If someone had to make a split decision on hiring you or not, based on your social presence would you get hired?

All I can say is, the answer better be yes! If it’s not, that’s a problem.


People expect to find who and what they are looking for when they Google something and if they don’t they become suspect.  We’ve become and information society and that’s quickly changing the success game.

People want to know who you are, what makes you good, how you do what you do and more before they meet you. They aren’t OK learning it in an interview.

Take the test and search your name, what does a Google search say about you and is it good enough?

Personal brand matters.

I dedicated 3 chapters to this in my book Not Taught, What it Takes to be Successful in the 21st Century No One is Teaching You.  

You can download two free chapters here.





  • Moving up….#1 result for my name is my LinkedIn profile….just learning at the feet of the red flanneled master!

  • I googled my name and a bunch of people came up. Thinks like 9 people on LInkedIn have this name and 10 people on FaceBook. I guess I have a common name. What are you to do if your name is John Smith ? One of the listings under my name was an Obituary ! To which I say “the reports of my death are greatly exaggerated”

    • Great question Greg. The best way to increase your personal rankings, is exactly how companies do it. Create content and create a presence on the web. The FIRST think I would do if I were you is go buy your name. I checked and it’s still available. https://ca.godaddy.com/domains/searchresults.aspx?checkAvail=1&tmskey=&domainToCheck=greg+woodley Go get it NOW!!!! Then set up a blog or some type of website that articulates your professional brand, (whatever it is you want to be known for.) Just that alone will put you at the top of Google in a few months. Link it to your LinkedIn. Add your other social sites. Add pictures, talk about others in your industry, etc. Put your ebooks on the page. I see your a sales coach and trainer and you don’t own your URL. Come on man!!! You have tons of white space to fill. Go get it. I want to see you at the top of Google by June 1st. Now go!!!!

  • Hunter Richard Skilling

    Keenan, I use this exact tactic when talking to my clients. See I work in digital marketing , with a heavy focus in PPC (SEM). I ask my clients to Google themselves to see ranking, but I will use what you’ve said here for a new approach. It is very important to be the most relevant person or business when being searched.
    Thank you so much!