We Need More Mentoring

I’ve never been afraid to admit I don’t know how to do something. I’ve never been afraid to call someone up and say, “Hey, I need help.” Not being afraid to ask for help has had a tremendous impact on my career and my own personal growth. It’s because of my own experiences that I believe we need more mentoring.

I can’t write this without giving David Brock mad love and support. When I first started A Sales Guy, he was the guy I called for insight, sanity checks, and some humility. I still call him when I get stuck. Thanks, Davey boy!  You’re the man!

In addition to David, Seth Levine has been a tremendous support to me and my most engaged mentor currently.  Not only has he been good at providing insight, he’s giving me something I really needed, and that’s accountability. He holds me accountable and therefore accelerates the progress of ASG and me.

With this said, we need more mentors and we need more people recognizing they need help. We have to break down the barrier that says asking for help is a weakness. It’s not. It’s the sign of strength.

When people can and are willing to ask for help, everything changes. We can’t do everything well. We don’t know everything. We aren’t perfect and mentoring helps fill the gaps.

I had a conversation with the CEO of one of the TechStars companies I’m mentoring just yesterday. In that conversation, we created a better and more powerful solution to a challenge he was having. A 30-minute conversation together created more value than him trying to tackle it alone. It was awesome!

Find time to mentor AND ask for help, look to be mentored. Everyone benefits when we do.


  • davebrock

    Keenan, thank you, I’m very flattered. I’ve been fortunate to have great mentors who gave their time, advice, caring without any expectation. The best way we can honor our mentors is by paying it forward, mentoring others.

    Thank you very much! Regards, Dave

    • No need to be flattered Dave, you know you’ve been a tremendous support to me over the years. You were instrumental in helping me get off the ground in this consulting game. You made yourself available and I appreciate it. thanks D!

  • Barry Hall

    Many thanks for your advice Jim as always much appreciated.