5 Mistakes Candidates Make with Recruiters

  Are you looking to make a change in the new year with your job? Or have you been contacted by a recruiter and are not sure if you should move forward in conversations? If so, we have a few helpful insights to help partner with a recruiter in your search. Here are some tips on what not to do when working with a Recruiter. Assuming Recruiters are all the same: All recruiters are not

Why Recruiting Good Talent is Always Jagged

  Todd Rose is the Director of Mind, Brain, and Education at Harvard University and author of The End of Average, easily one of my top 5 favorite books. The book, as the name suggests, is focused on the social impact of making critical decisions on averages of people. Rodd Rose presents the idea of jagged talent, more commonly referred to strengths and weaknesses. In this, he devotes a substantial part of the book to

The Audacity of Leaders

  If you have explored the ASG website or downloaded any of our hiring tools, you know we hold a very clear stance on identifying talent.   We look for gritty, creative, driven people. Those that regardless of their experience are true leaders with an appetite for learning and mastering their professional skills. We do this because these are the people who will think differently and have the audacity to take the big risks for

Be Good to your Candidates…

I  recently read a post that has since been deleted (Backlash Perhaps?) Anyhow, to sum it up it was an internal/corporate recruiter making a comment about how she doesn’t appreciate candidates reaching out to her without being “proactive” about first researching open positions within her organization. She stated that it’s annoying & unprofessional and to not waste her time. In closing her rant, she added “But if you have this background/experience message me!” … Wait…What?

Please Welcome Savanah Urban to A$G!

A$G is growing again! Please join me in welcoming Savanah Urban to the A$G family! Savanah is taking on our recruiting services as the Head of Recruiting! We are super stoked to have her on our team. Savanah had been a bada$$ for years already! Recruiter, Social Butterfly, Chaser of Purple Squirrels and BIG Dreams Savanah is a true Colorado Girl at heart but officially transplanted from Wyoming 20 years back. Originally, Savanah was focused

Building a Branded Resume

I’ve had the same conversation lately with job seekers regarding the quality of their resumes. To my absolute shock, most of them had hired a professional to write it! While I was surprised such a boring and ordinary product came out of paid “professional services,” the problem also all became clear. There are professionals building resumes for computers, not people. They optimize the format for online applications, as many of these websites restructure the resumes

3 Traits of the 1%

  In the world of people, it can be difficult to decipher the B-Players and C-Players, less difficult to figure out the D-Players and F-Players, but when it comes to the top 1% bonafide A-Players of the world, there are key things they do that set them apart from the rest. #1 They know when to follow the rules: I am perpetually amazed at how many people don’t know how to follow easy direction. If

Appreciating vs Depreciating Value: A Lesson in Human Capitol

  QUICK! What type of capital investments appreciate over time? Did you get it yet? The title of this article should have told you the answer: Human Capital! Most companies see the value in fast computers (reduces down time), fancy phones for audio clarity, etc. But when it comes to people, few companies view their people as an investment. Just like all investments, they need to be executed intelligently.   The Uniqueness of Human Capital

The Value Proposition for Attracting Talent

  There are countless articles recently about how to attract talent. I see my newsfeed with the same titles over and over: “6 Key Factors to Attracting Talent” or “5 Factors You Need When Hiring.” The buzzwords are all the same “key factors,” “talent”, “hiring.” Many people focus on things Millennials want vs Gen X, etc… Within all of these articles, they fail at identifying the main value proposition each person considers when faced with

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