Building a Culture of Respect

  In December, I wrote a blog about why you should conduct your people, not manage. This blog walks through the leadership structure of a symphony. I briefly discussed the unique culture of the respect musical organizations hold. This topic has struck a chord with many people and opened conversations, which has lead me to expand on the topic.   Firstly, yes…it does exist Just about every company professes to have a culture of respect.

Just Do You

  I speak with recruiting candidates every day, and every day I give the same advice for the interview: be yourself. Seems perfectly logical and simple, right? Like, who else would you be? Yet, over and over I see people go into interviews where they say the right things and give calculated answers and work to show their very very best… …and none of it feels real.   Saying the Right Things Here is the

Job Skill: Smart Recklessness

  My first professional job in operations was as a program director in a university. I reported to the Dean of Student Services/Provost, at that time. I didn’t fully realize then how lucky I was to be mentored by such a profoundly strong leader: Scott.   Scott gave me the first piece of valuable advice: Know When it is Better to Ask Forgiveness than Permission I know this sounds crazy, right? And in many companies

Good People – Bad Data

Everyone is talking about big data analytics right now. I can’t say this is an “emerging” industry, but more of a large scale growth and sophistication. Thanks to the information era, we now have insights into human behavior we never had before. Think of your cell phone. Google pulls so much in the way of data based on your GPS coordinates alone. You really are not actively completing a survey or giving feedback, it is

5 Biggest Fails for Sales and Marketing Alignment

  Everyone is talking about sales and marketing alignment these days, and they are right to do it! Most marketing and sales teams don’t even talk to each other. They see their roles as two separate steps: Lead generation and closing deals. Here are the 5 biggest fails when your sales and marketing are not aligned.   #1: Lead nurturing: Inbound sales leads are often nurtured differently then outbound sales leads   When you have

5 Signs It’s Time For a Change in Your Job

With the new year approaching, I think it is a good time to reflect and consider if it could be time for a new job. We spend more time at work than we do with our families and friends! So why should it suck? Here are some helpful identifiers on when it’s time to “Hit the Road Jack”! 1. You dread going to work- We all have stress in our work life! Each day can

Why You Should Conduct Your People, Not Manage

  I’m asked quite frequently how I moved from being a music director into business operations. While there were many variables that influenced this decision, the general answer is they are the same. Take a moment and think about the role of a symphony conductor. Do you have it pictured in your mind? The conductor stands as a central hub, visible to all, conveying the musical interpretation of the performance. While the audience is never

5 Mistakes Candidates Make with Recruiters

  Are you looking to make a change in the new year with your job? Or have you been contacted by a recruiter and are not sure if you should move forward in conversations? If so, we have a few helpful insights to help partner with a recruiter in your search. Here are some tips on what not to do when working with a Recruiter. Assuming Recruiters are all the same: All recruiters are not

Why Recruiting Good Talent is Always Jagged

  Todd Rose is the Director of Mind, Brain, and Education at Harvard University and author of The End of Average, easily one of my top 5 favorite books. The book, as the name suggests, is focused on the social impact of making critical decisions on averages of people. Rodd Rose presents the idea of jagged talent, more commonly referred to strengths and weaknesses. In this, he devotes a substantial part of the book to

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