Recruiting! The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

The recruiting industry is growing rapidly both for recruiting services and for technology resources. Within all of this growth, people often fail to understand the differences in services. Here, we will break down some of the perks, the do’s and don’ts, and the NEVER. Let’s start with the NEVER! I don’t exactly know how this even became a thing, but it did: the resume farm. We receive cold calls weekly from global resume farms where

Men Vs Women in Sales

  The statement is always preceded by some version of “not to sound biased” or “not to sound sexist” or “not to cross any legal lines” BUT… In recruiting, we hear this constantly when going over the wants of a position. I sit and listen to the typical statements of university degrees and years of experience and industry experience (FYI, none of which are actual hiring criteria). Eventually, the conversation will end up with some

Hey Recruiters, Your Job Descriptions Suck!

Whether you are posting it on a job board or a recruiter is directing traffic to it, job descriptions are an influential part of the hiring process. Yet so many people get it wrong! Over and over I read the same boring “duties are…” or “candidate must have…” Which is followed by the driest descriptions that completely miss the mark at presenting a clear understanding of the role!   What are the REAL job responsibilities

Leadership 101: Don’t Be an Asshole

I know…so many people don’t like the word asshole. But really, there isn’t a better word to comprehensively represent the characteristics we are about to discuss. I’m not alone in drawing this conclusion either. Dr. Cameron Sepah is a psychiatry professor and graduate of UCLA and Harvard. He has laid out the “Anatomy of an Asshole” because this word, while not a clinical word, embodies a shared understanding of a clearly categorized behavior pattern. (Well

Why Your Open Door Policy is TOTAL BS!

  The Open Door Policy Fail Saying you have an “open door policy” is the equivalent to saying you are not going to proactively do your job. Say what?! I know…this policy is intended to communicate positive attributes like the idea that you are available and there for your people or that you are “approachable,” but the truth is, it’s a terrible policy!   Time Management Good leaders understand the importance of having strong time

10 Steps to Harvesting LinkedIn’s Power

  Most people understand LinkedIn is a powerful tool in seeking out jobs. But so many only use it to the extent of applying for jobs. Particular clicking hundreds of LinkedIn Easy Apply. Asking for consideration is only a fraction of the process. Once you are considered, do you really show your value? Even more powerful, what does your profile tell recruiters?   Here are my tips for telling recruiters and hiring managers the right

The LUCID Test

  In recruiting, the first filter I run candidates through may surprise you. Most people think filter one is your resume. In reality, your LinkedIn, correspondence, and first conversation are all creating data for the LUCID test: Logical, Understandable, Comprehensive, Intelligent, Direct. LinkedIn: Insight to how you self-identify on a public platform Correspondence: Insight to how you communicate in written form, both in terms of clarity and professionalism. Conversation: Insight to how you communicate verbally,

You’re Too Close to the Problem

  Go to any rock gym or climbing wall and you will find people standing around staring at the wall. They look like they are taking a break or are maybe tired, but if you look closer, you will discover they are analyzing the problem they want to solve. This is because once you are on the wall, you no longer have the right perspective to see the entire problem. You are simply too close…

Building a Culture of Respect

  In December, I wrote a blog about why you should conduct your people, not manage. This blog walks through the leadership structure of a symphony. I briefly discussed the unique culture of the respect musical organizations hold. This topic has struck a chord with many people and opened conversations, which has lead me to expand on the topic.   Firstly, yes…it does exist Just about every company professes to have a culture of respect.

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