Sales MYTH Busted – Extrovert vs Introvert

There is a myth in sales that says salespeople need to be extroverts, to be gregarious and outgoing to be successful. Well, I call bullshit. Your personality has little to do with how well you sell. In this LinkedIn video, I break down why that’s the case and what really matters.   Selling has nothing to do with being an extrovert and everything to do with being able to solve problems. For more LinkedIn videos

Listen Up, Sales!

Lately, I’ve noticed somewhat of an unfortunate pattern taking hold in sales. Scratch that, the use of “lately” is misleading; the trend has been more or less obvious for years. Here’s the thing: salespeople don’t listen to learn. Say what?! Here, I’ll repeat myself – all while looking at YOU, sales pro: you’re not listening to your prospect to learn. Instead, you’re listening to sell. You’re listening to hear your prospects utter what you think

Sales Is A Giving Profession

Sales is about giving. It’s not about your quota. It’s not about getting to the close. It’s not about Presidents Club. It’s not about the upsell. It’s not about being on the leaderboard. It’s not about bringing a deal in by the end of the quarter. It’s not about conversion rates or leads. Sales is about giving your buyers, prospects, and customers a way to get to a better place tomorrow than they are today. If

Who Are You?

Yes, I know. You’re a sales guy or gal. But who are you? When you attach your name to a salesperson or sales leader, or accountant, or teacher, or plumber or whatever, how does that change the moniker? How is (insert your name) the salesperson different than all the other salespeople out there? What does your name add to the simple and faceless moniker of salesperson? Too often we let the title tell our story.

Sales Training Videos

Ok, they’re not exactly sales training videos, but they offer a shit load of value in helping you selling and grow your career. I’ve been posting sales videos to Linkedin over the past 3 months and they are pure fire, if I do say so myself. I cover topics ranging from motivation to question asking. I cover all types of challenges and issues sales people struggle with. I created a #hashtag so you can easily

The 8 Questions Every Sales Manager Needs To Ask In A Deal Review

It’s a sales manager’s job to know whether or not a salesperson is going to make quota or not and part of the process is understanding what deals are real and will close, and which won’t. Deal reviews are the critical tool for sales managers to determine the probability of a salesperson is going to be successful or not in making quota. Unfortunately, deal reviews can be all over the place. We’ve all sat through

The Scarcity of You

  Supply and demand, you get it. The lesser the supply, the greater the demand. So why are you playing in the high supply side? Why do you look like everyone else, every other salesperson, every other marketing manager, every other sales VP, every other accountant, dog walker or software developer? Why? Why do you insist on looking like, acting like, working like and doing your job like everyone else, yet get frustrated that you’re

Understand My Problem and Show Me How To Fix It

The title of this post says it all, people. That is the basis of selling. I’m at a Sales Kick Off event and about to go on, when the vendor of this company talks about why she/they bought from this company and what they look for in salespeople. Her money quote was simply, “Understand my problem and show me how to fix it.” She’s right. Sales is about fixing problems. That’s why we buy. I’m

Prospect on LinkedIn Without Being a Pesky Salesperson

LinkedIn is a great tool for selling, but most salespeople are using it wrong. They’re treating it it’s a telephone or email and spamming people. We’ve all gotten them (and many of you have sent them). I’m talking about the LinkedIn connect requests that are then instantly followed by some lame pitch or request for your time so push some irrelevant ware on us. They’re obnoxious. There is a better way and a more effective

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