I’ve Been Negligent

I know, I know, I haven’t posted a blog post in over 2 weeks. I think this is a record for the longest stint without a post.


Why has it been so long?

I could give you a million reasons, but the truth is I just haven’t been inspired. I like to offer value to the readers of this blog, and I just haven’t felt it lately.

I’ve been writing on A Sales Guy for almost 9 years. I’ve covered every sales topic you could imagine and often I feel I’m not delivering the quality I once did. Once this starts happening, I work myself into this cycle where I second guess everything and then don’t write anything.

In addition to bloggers block. LOL!  I am producing content other places, particularly LinkedIn video.  I’ve dropped some good videos lately that have received tens of thousands of views and one even reached 126k.  I’m enjoying it and will for sure do more LinkedIn videos. If you’re not connected with me there, go check them out and feel free to connect with me, just be sure to include a note letting me know you read this post and want to connect.

With that said, I’m not done here. It may change a little, I may not post as often, but I’m not done.

The A Sales Guy Blog is an institution, and I intend to keep it going.

Thanks to all of you who have been reading it over the years. It’s this community’s participation and engagement that has kept it going and for that I say thanks.

With that, is there a topic or something you’d like me to cover here. Please share in the comments. When suffering from bloggers block, any and all suggestions are welcome.

Thanks, guys





  • Kelly

    I will definitely take you up on that, Jim:

    My question is: If a prospect has said no to you, but you still believe in picking up with them again because you know there is a genuine need there and you can assist, how would you go about wording your secondary approach appropriately without pushing them away? The second time is always tricker than the first.

  • Sometimes I stress about not writing enough but I’m with you on this. I find that if I force myself to write when I’m not inspired the writing is usually not very good.

  • Lucy

    No need to be too hard on yourself. In all walks of life — athletes, governors, mailman — we all take breaks. Sales should be no exception. You deserve some time to recharge!