Be Different By Being Creative

Creativity is critical in today’s world. It’s too easy to get sucked into fast follower mode. Winning today is about solving problems with creativity and innovative thinking and that doesn’t start with your first, second or third idea. The best ideas come with your 7th, 8th, 9th and even 10th. Can you think of 10 ideas to solve even the simplest of problems?   It talk about coming up with 10 ideas in this presentation

Risk is The Only Road to Success

I have a friend who is contemplating starting her own business. It’s a good business. She has some good contacts in the industry. She has a good lead engine already established. Her overhead will be low in the beginning if she does it right. If she’s smart and leverages her contacts, there is no reason she can’t grow this business with nominal risk, and without putting herself too far out there. Yet, that’s not good

When Google Says You’re a Nobody

What happens when you Google your name? What comes up? You’re Facebook page, your LinkedIn profile, what? Do you like what you find? Is it consistent with who you are and how you do your job? Is what you find when you google your name, consistent with who you are? If someone had to make a split decision on hiring you or not, based on your social presence would you get hired? All I can

Having Experience Doesn't Make you an

Don’t Confuse Your Experience with Your Expertise

There is a real difference between experience and expertise. Too many of us confuse the two and they are not the same. Experience simply marks the time we’re do something, but it’s a bad gauge of how well we actually do it. Expertise, on the other hand, is a far better gauge of our competency.   I have an entire chapter on this concept in my book Not Taught. It’s just too important to not

how to sell

Understand The “How” and Win the Deal

You wanna get better at selling? You wanna get better at demand creation rather than demand reaction? Then learn how to uncover your prospects “how.” How does your prospect do what they do? Here’s how it works. Start with what your product or service does. What value does it bring? Then start asking your prospect how they do what your product or service does now. Ex: You sell hauling equipment. “How” questions: How do you


Sales Tip: No One Gives a Shit About You.

Please pay attention to this. Forward this to marketing. Forward this to your boss. Forward this to sales operations. Forward this to the people that create your pitch decks, presentations, and your powerpoints.  Because that’s where the problem starts. No one gives a shit about you or your company. No one gives a shit how long you’ve been in business. No gives a shit that you’re on the Inc. Fastest growing companies. No one gives

Sales Tip: Get the Customer to Let You Help Them

This is one my most repeated sales tips. Your entire selling effort should focus on getting the customer to “let” you help them. If the customer isn’t willing to let you help them. You’re not selling and they aren’t going to buy. We need the prospect to participate in the sale with us in order to create a valuable solution. Learn to get the prospect to let you help them.    

Why Your Ego Is Killing Your Account Based Marketing Efforts #flipmyfunnel

A little while back I spoke in Austin at the #FlipMyFunnel conference. It was an Account Based Marketing (ABM) conference. ABM is hot right now. I see a lot of organization implementing it, including a number of my clients.  In spite of the power of ABM, and the tools, methodologies etc, messaging is still a critical part of sales and ABM. Unfortunately, too many people miss the mark on Account Based Marketing messaging and they