Spazz 3 — You’re Not That Good

In episode 3, I  spazz out on the complacency of sales people when it comes to getting better. We as sales people are unbelievably stubborn when it comes to personal growth and I’m sick and tired of it. Are you one of these people, don’t be.      

3 Simple Actions to Do Every Day to Lead an Amazing Life

  Life has an uncanny knack of getting away from us. For many of us, life leads us; we don’t lead it. Too often, we allow life to take over, moving us from here to there with little control of our destination.  Family, job, friends, bills, it all has a way of putting us on our heels and making us feel as if we’re out of control. What if we were to do something different to

The Hardest Thing In Life, Is Not Giving A Fuck

Life is hard.  That is a fact.  It’s hard for a lot of reasons; family, work, health, relationships, money, shit the list of life’s challenges could be a mile long.  But, one of the hardest things in life is something we don’t talk about much.  It’s something all of us, I mean every one of us struggle with, yet it goes largely unaddressed most of our lives. This difficulty of life we all struggle with

We’re Welcoming Virgin America to Denver RIGHT NOW #rockymountainfly

 UPDATE!!!! Boy did we mess up!!  There was no 7:00 flight today, from Denver to San Fran.  We’re not sure how we messed up.  We saw the flights and even priced out a first class ticket!   Damn!!   OK, time to pivot.  Stay tuned!!! We’ll let you know what we come up with.  OK! Here’s the deal. I dig Richard Branson. I love the guys gumption, innovation, brass, and overall approach to people, failure,

Why You Should Never Ask A Buyer What They Want

I’m looking to do the audio version of my new book Not Taught.  As I was calling around, the owner of one of the studios began to ask me a lot of questions. She asked, “How many hours do you need?” I said, “I don’t know.” She asked if I wanted to read and record the forward. I said, “I don’t know.” She asked me how fast I read. I said, “I don’t know.” She

Where Is Your Comfort Compass Pointing?

I was recently at a client site where I was meeting with the sales team one-on-one. My one-on-ones are not your typical, boring, go through the motion, “update” driven one-on-ones. They are almost like therapy sessions or serious coaching sessions.  We get our hands dirty, dissecting, assessing, and analyzing where improvement and opportunity exist.  The goal, get fucking better.  A lot fucking better. Getting better at something is hard, really, really, fucking hard. You can’t

Wow! What an Awesome Email I Got Today.

It’s not uncommon for me to get calls from business owners, CEO’s, heads of sales, etc. asking for help. In some cases, there is a good need to work together, and we enter into a contract. Other times, for whatever reason, it just doesn’t make sense. In these cases, the person or company isn’t ready, they don’t have the money, they have resource issues, etc. Regardless, they just aren’t ready to hire me. In spite