The Sales Barter Dance, How Awkward Most Sales People Look

It’s the big on site customer meeting coming up. or It’s the follow up to your last meeting. or It’s the first meeting since you cold called in. or It’s any other prospect, customer interaction. You’re meeting with the customer, your investing your time, they are investing theirs, so what’t the goal? What is it you want the customer to do? Every prospect interaction needs a goal. You need to understand what it is you’re

Why Lost Deals Are Almost Impossible To Save

It looks like a client of mine is about to lose a big deal. The problem, the sales person has no idea what they are selling and although they made it to the finals on sheer luck and the strength of the features, it’s not looking good. When I say the sales person doesn’t know what they are selling, I mean he doesn’t know why the client needs to buy. He doesn’t know what the

What a Killer Deal Strategy Looks Like

Getting your prospect engaged, getting them on the proverbial hook is critical to selling. Prospecting is the holy grail of sales and it get’s a lot of attention as it should. To most of us, finding and hooking the fish feels like the hardest part. The problem is, prospecting is just the beginning and too often we don’t spend as much time thinking about how we’re going to close or win the deal (land the