#heykeenan Take 6: My Favorite Sales Acceleration Tool

Sales acceleration tools are blowing up today.  They are coming at us 100 miles and hour. They provide tons of value across all aspects of the selling ecosystem. In this Take of #heykeenan I talk about the sales tool I’m most diggin’ right now. I’ve been having a blast doing #heykeenan and we’ve invested in making production better, from better lighting, new camera, a full-time editor, and more.  I hope you’re noticing. You have a question

A New And Surprising Way To Improve Email Response Rates

Getting people to open emails and then respond to them is the biggest challenge in sales today. With so much communication being done via email, increasing response rates is the holy grail. I wrote a post a while back that contained an infographic outlining the best subject lines for emails.  It was one of my most popular posts in 2014. It’s clear that getting increased response to emails is important to salespeople. Humans prefer to

Have You Started Using Meerkat?

I got hip to Meerkat about two weeks ago. Like most people, I saw the all the noise coming out of SXSW and so became curious.  This week while at Insidesales.com Accelerate conference I decided to take Meerkat for a spin and see what it’s like.  I Meerkatted Hall of Fame QB Steve Young’s talk.   Steve is a pretty funny guy. I tried to upload it here, but it’s too big a file.  It rocked

The Greatest Sales Person, Can’t Save The iWatch (Apple Watch)

  The iWatch talk is getting hot. Watches as a device are being pumped up as the next big thing, but if you ask me, I’m saying no. (so is my boy Fred Wilson) Here’s the deal. I had a badass professor at The University of Chicago, his name was James Schrager.  Some of you might even know of him.  The guy’s a classic. One of the things he taught us was businesses fall into 4

Help for The Grammar and Spelling Challenged

I’ve written a lot about grammar and grammar nazis. If you’re a regular reader of this blog you know I’m not the best editor and my spelling and grammar here are suspect to criticism. With that said, my issue with grammar has never been that it doesn’t matter as much is that it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t detract from the message or story. It appears that not everyone agrees with me. Grammarly, a cool

Check Out This Gong. It’s So Loud, It Can Be Heard Around the World!

Have you seen this yet?  ToutApp’s virtual gong?  I love this idea. They showed it to me before the launch and it’s cool. Do you have or remember the bell or gong that would be rung in the office after someone closed a deal? Can you recall the sound of the bell shaking you unexpectedly while you were on a call or working diligently? Do you remember the feeling of accomplishment and excitement when the