Sunday Morning Reading – David and Goliath

I’m almost done with Malcolm Gladwell’s newest book, David and Goliath. It’s a typical Gladwell book, combining killer stories with unique data and information challenging our views of the world and the perspectives we operate from.  In David and Goliath, Gladwell challenges our notions on the little guy. As he puts it, the underdogs, misfits and the art of battle giants. It’s not his best, I think Outliers and Tipping Point were better, but David

Sunday Morning Reading – Allen Nance

To keep with yesterday’s theme and reiterate how much I enjoyed Allen Nance’s Keynote at B2B camp, I’m making his blog today’s Sunday Morning Reading. Allen is a fantastically passionate speaker and CEO who combines that passion with impressive complex thinking skills. Allen brings to the table one of my favorite traits in a person, he looks at problems differently and dissects them from the angle others don’t see or chose not to. He doesn’t

Sunday Morning Blog – Addicted 2 Success

This blog is the shit. With the exception of it’s occasional references on how to make a shit load of money or post insinuating that money is a satisfactory measure of “success,” Addicted 2 Success is a kick-ass blog. I found it a few weeks ago via my LinkedIn stream. Not sure how I’v missed it this long, but hey, better late than never. Addicted 2 Success is a killer blog for inspiration, motivation, creativity,

Sunday Morning Blog: The Whale Hunters

  Today’s Sunday Morning Blog is from The Whale Hunters and Barbara Weaver Smith. The Whale Hunter Blog keenly focuses on practical issues that can help your business today. With topics like Key Account Sales and Management, Narrow Your Service/Build Your Brand, and 7 Steps to Powerful Case Studies, Barbara delivers a blog that you can use, not just read.   Add this to you reader and make sure it makes your Sunday Morning reading

Sunday Morning Blog — Zero Time Selling

Besides the fact that Andy Paul is cool because he had two first names before it was cool to have two first names, Andy writes a slammin’ blog. What I like best about Andy’s blog is his topics. They are extraordinarily relevant. Andy gets his hands dirty and dives into the varying challenges sales teams face. He doesn’t waste much space or words on topics that don’t forward the journey of improving your selling skills.

Sunday Morning Blog — Edgy Conversations, Dan Waldschmidt

If there is anyone in sales with a bigger personality than Dan Waldschmidt, they must not be very good, because there is no way they could fly under the radar.  Dan Waldschmidt is a charismatic freight train. Dan’s edgy, in your face style will challenge everything you hold dear, sacred and embrace as the status quo. If you are a guardian of the status quo, don’t even consider clicking on Dan’s blog. You will be frustrated and

Sunday Morning Blog — Smart Selling Tools

When I was a kid, I used to build forts. I loved it. We’d snag all the scrap building supplies from the houses going up in the neighborhood and build the elaborate forts.  They were multi-story, multiroom shanties. These things were a kids paradise. You could never stand  up in them, but they would have carpet from ceiling to floor. You’d be able to go from room to room through trap doors and secret cut