Success Saturday: The 13 Things the Mentally Strong DON’T DO!

I found this list the other day on Forbes. It was written by Amy Morin Licensed Clinical Social Worker. It is a powerful eye opener. I like to consider myself a mentally strong person, but it really had me questioning my own mental toughness.  Creating success and getting things done takes more than knowing what to do. It takes a fortitude and grit to actually get things done. It takes the ability to get to the

Success Saturday: One of the Best Talks on Success I Almost Missed — And Glad I Didn’t

I stumbled on this video on It’s a speech from Barbara Corcoran for the 2013 Entrepreneur Magazine‘s 5th Annual Growth Conference. I almost didn’t watch this video. It showed up in my Twitter stream:   What got me to watch was, it was Barbara. I love the Shark Tank and wanted to learn more about Barbara. I didn’t know anything about her. I was curious where she came from, what her story was, etc.

Success Saturdays – What Happens When You Make it?

I loved this short but quick hitting video. Most content surrounding success today addresses what happens when you get there.  There is little info about what happens when success is actually achieved. I think that’s because so few of us reach the success we want. The less successful is a bigger market. Smaller market or not, once we achieve the success we’re looking for staying there takes just as much work. Richard St. John is

Success Saturdays – 10.5 Sales Mistakes a Kick Ass CEO Made and How They Kept Him from Reaching His Goals

Big shout out to my boy Kyle Porter, CEO and Founder of SalesLoft for pointing me to this presentation, it was awesome. Allen Nance is the CEO of What Counts, an email marketing company. A few weeks ago, Allen gave a powerful presentation on the 10 sales and marketing lessons he learned over the past 12 years that prevented him AND his company from reaching the 100 million dollar mark. Allen is funny, passionate, energetic,

Success Saturdays –The 10 Things Successful People Do To Reach Their Dreams

We all have dreams, we all “dream” of more, better, higher, faster, etc. Dreaming of attaining more than we currently have is part of human nature. What isn’t as much human nature is achieving the dreams. I think that’s why we call them dreams. Calling them dreams allows us to avoid chasing them. If dreams aren’t real,it’s OK not to chase them. Not everyone see dreams like this and those that don’t are very deliberate

Success Saturdays: What Do You Give Your Audience?

What do you think selling is about?  What do you think your “job” as a sales person is? Success in our jobs comes from what we believe our responsibility is to others, to those we serve. We have jobs because we serve others. With that obvious, yet often forgotten fact out of the way, being successful is being very clear and deliberate in knowing what you owe your audience. In other words, it’s knowing how you