It’s Time We Start Hacking Ourselves

  The hard work mantra, I think we all get it. At least we’ve all heard it. Hustle and grind, seem to be the key theme of today’s social memes. And it’s true, you have to work unreasonably hard to make it, and to achieve the success you want. The problem with today’s emphasis on hard work, hustle and grind memes is they don’t give us much indication on what we should be grinding on.

Social Capital is Like Credit, Build it Before You Need It

I received a LinkedIn message from a past employee the other day.  He had just lost his job and wanted my thoughts on his next move and wondered if I could help.  I hadn’t heard from him in a long time. I almost never see him on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook.  For all intents and purposes, he doesn’t exist in my world or online. He’s not alone.  I get similar calls, emails, and LinkedIn requests

The One Sales Tip I Give Every Sales Person [Spazz Out 10]

There are a lot of skills and attitudes sales people must have to be successful. But there is one sales tip that rises above the rest that I share with everyone. It’s the importance of giving a shit. What does that mean? It means, if you want to take your game to the next level in sales, you have to care more about your customers and prospects than you do you. In Spazz Out 10,

Give vs Take — #Spazz Out 9

The intra-webs have brought us closer and made connecting with people easier than ever. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, you name it, you can get a message out to anyone, I mean anyone in seconds. It doesn’t mean LeBron James, President Obama or Kim Kardashian will read it, or respond, there is however, a chance they will at least see it.  That’s the power of social. Unfortunately, that’s the problem with social too.  Because we

Spazz Out 8: Not Following Instructions and The Death of Your Career

At a Sales Guy we have a unique job search approach. We look for resourceful, outside of the box, creative, driven thinkers who can get things done.  We don’t look for people who do things like everyone else and who are looking to be told how to do things. Our job postings have very specific instructions and for the life of us, we don’t understand why only 10% of applicants follow the instructions. Don’t be

Sales Leaders, Listen to Your Sales People

Too often sales leaders dismiss the rumblings from their sales people are whining and complaining and as excuses for not being able to sell. In Spazz Out 7, I rant on why that’s a big mistake and what can happen if they do.   Sales people are on the front lines, they know what’s going one. Ignore them at our own peril.   Do you have a Spazz Out topic you want me to hit?  Is

The Truth About Being Defensive and Failure

What are your “blind-spots?”  Do you have any?  How do you know?  In personal development, a blind spot is, when people see things in you, you don’t see in you. The only way to avoid blind spots is to embrace feedback. Being defensive dismisses feedback and is the fastest path to failure. You have to be open to feedback.   What are your blind spots? Go find out, ask someone to tell you.