I’m Learning

I’ve been selling and leading sales teams for years.  I’ve sold everything from complex, technology products and services, to simple, transactional offerings.  The one thing all of the these sales had in common was everyone knew what I it was we were selling. The prospects had used them before or knew others who had used them.   They weren’t “new.” At Socially Booked, I’m learning that selling something new is hard. Selling something that no

A Good Argument

I have new technical lead and developer at Socially Booked.  He is super talented, super smart, driven, and loves to snowboard.  Andrew is a passionate guy, who loves developing.  He is coding things in a day, other developers and coders say takes a week.  Andrew has one of those minds that just see things the rest of us don’t.   I’m very happy to have him on the team. We are rebuilding the entire Socially