tell me economy

The Tell Me Economy is Dead

The tell me economy consists of expressions of your worth and capabilities.  It’s your resume, your static LinkedIn profile, a referral from a friend, your personal elevator speech, etc.  The tell me economy is how we used to promote ourselves. We or someone we know would tell everyone how good we are, how we need to be hired, booked, connected or whatever.  Telling was how we promoted ourselves and one another. Telling was how we promoted ourselves


Who Helped Me the Most in 2016? — Chris Brogan That’s Who!

No one is successful by themselves. I don’t care who you are. If you believe any success you’ve had is 100% created all by yourself, you’re an asshole. Yeah, I said it. No one is successful alone, no one. Don’t be an asshole. Yes, we all work hard. And our success is ultimately attached to our own efforts, but we live in a connected world that requires the help, insight, support, guidance, and friendship of


How To “Price” Your Marketing Content

Have you ever asked yourself how much your marketing content is worth?  You know, the ebooks you create. The infographics you design. The webinars you host.  How much are they worth? You need to know, because contrary to your beliefs, they have value and your ability to apply the appropriate value matters. The value of your marketing content isn’t measured in terms of money, but rather by how much information your prospects are willing to


First Impressions are Dead

First impressions are dead. Yup, I said it. If first impressions are still a part of your life, you’re doing it all wrong. There is no reason for anyone to be faced with a first impression any longer. There are just too many places and too much information out there for the first impression to matter.  Well, in-person first impressions that is.  Digital first impressions, they’re not dead, they’re in their infancy and rapidly growing in


8 Key Elements to Killer Sales and Marketing Emails that Win

Email is critical to sales and marketing. We all know it, so if we want to win with email, we must create emails that not only get opened but also deliver on the objective of the email All sales and marketing emails have an objective. We wouldn’t send them if they didn’t. In most cases, the objective is to get the recipient to take action.  We’re asking the recipient to download a document, to read an


3 Ways Sales Machine Mastered Social Selling

Last week I spoke at Sales Machine with some other great folks, Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuk, Simon Sinek, and more. I was on a panel with the brilliant Jill Rowley and the ever engaging Jamie Shanks.  We were talking about social selling and how the tools available to sales people today have never been so powerful in helping salespeople connect with buyers. Hillary Bird of Consensus reached out and asked if we’d be willing to

You Don’t Have a Social Selling Organization without Leadership

This is another clip from my social selling interview with Tim Clarke, Jamie Shanks, Jill Rowley, and Koka Sexton. In this clip, Tim asks me how who’s responsibility it is to create social selling adoption in a sales organization.  To me it’s pretty simple. If you want real, meaningful social selling adoption, leadership must lead it. If social selling is going to be a substantial part of the selling process, then leadership will have to

What is Social Selling?

About a month ago I sat on’s series pass, Social Selling: How to Connect with the Modern Buyer.  It was a great session. I got to hang with some of today’s social selling greats, Koka Sexton, Jill Rowley and Jamie Shanks. One of the questions was how I would define social selling, here’s my answer in a quick clip. I’m a huge advocate of social selling. But I want to be absolutely, frickin’ clear with everyone.