The Hardest Part To Getting Better

You can’t go ten social media pages on any social platform without being barraged by #hustle #grind and #success posts or memes. It appears we’re obsessed with the path or secret to success. I get it. Success to most of us freedom and validation that we’re worthy of others praise and admiration. To others, success says they did it. They achieved their goals. The concept of success is a powerful lure, and we’re all chasing

Vail Gives Us a Lesson on “Product vs. Sales” With It’s New Epic Mix Feature

I’ve talked frequently on this blog about how product has surpassed sales in driving revenue. As much as sales people don’t want to admit it and as much as many companies don’t want to admit it, the change has occurred and ignoring it won’t change things. There is too much information available to consumers about products and services that deficiencies, lack of features, poor service etc., can not be overcome by even the best sales

Getting Sales Smart with SmartBrief for Sales

I get asked a lot about great sites and resources for sales people and sales leaders. The challenge to answering that is there are a lot of resources I use. My Feedly app is packed with hundreds of blogs and sites I follow and read regularly. With that said, there is a great resource I use to get a sales fix of great blog posts and articles from all of the web.  It’s SmartBrief. SmartBrief

Who’s Your Nemesis?

Michaela Shiffrin won gold in the slalom in Sochi today. Michaela is only 18 and is the best slalom skier in the world. Yes, I said the best in the world at only 18. That’s just sick! On the back of this prodigy’s helmet is a small acronym, “a.b.f.t.t.b.” Always be faster than the boys As a father of 3 girls I get the significance of this slogan. Boys traditionally go faster, are more aggressive

Know Before You Go

I’ll never forget an interview I saw several years ago by Tanner Hall. Tanner Hall is one of the most storied slope style skiers in the world and a pioneer in the sport. During an interview he was asked about his tricks and how he prepares for an event. He said something I will never forget. He said he NEVER does a trick he’s never done successfully a 100 times in practice. He said he

The Best

Last night, I was sitting at the bottom of a 250 meter bump (mogul) run in Deer Valley. As I looked up the competitors were barreling down on me and the 7,000 other viewers who came to be amazed. Their legs pumped like the pistons of a two-stroke motorcycle engine. The bumps were the size of Toyota Prius’s. The pitch had to be pushing 30 degrees.  In spite of the pitch, the size of the moguls

EpicMix 2012

I went skiing for the first time today.  I went with my oldest two girls.  We had a blast.  They didn’t want to stop. I love that. While on the hill we had this picture taken.   It was taken by one of the Vail photographers that were scattered all over the hill.  In bright green jackets; they were everywhere. You couldn’t miss them. They took the picture for free and with in an hour