Keenan Voted One of 2013 Top 50 Sales Influencers

It is exciting to announce that Keenan has once again made the list of: 2013 Top 50 Sales Influencers This is the second year in a row that Keenan has made the list! Top Sales World compiles a list every year of the Top 50 Sales Influencers in the market.  TSW used the services of a small team of professional researchers who rigorously examined the credentials of one hundred and fifty possible “candidates” to arrive

Really? That’s How You Run Your Business?

I am going to Brazil in January. So today, I was looking for a car service to get to the airport. It’s cheaper to take a Town Car to the airport than it is to park my car for the week.  I called two services. One was $66.00 including gratuity. The other was $98 dollars, including gratuity.  That’s almost a 33% difference. I asked the person on the phone why his was so much more