The 8 Questions Every Sales Manager Needs To Ask In A Deal Review

It’s a sales manager’s job to know whether or not a salesperson is going to make quota or not and part of the process is understanding what deals are real and will close, and which won’t. Deal reviews are the critical tool for sales managers to determine the probability of a salesperson is going to be successful or not in making quota. Unfortunately, deal reviews can be all over the place. We’ve all sat through

Understand My Problem and Show Me How To Fix It

The title of this post says it all, people. That is the basis of selling. I’m at a Sales Kick Off event and about to go on, when the vendor of this company talks about why she/they bought from this company and what they look for in salespeople. Her money quote was simply, “Understand my problem and show me how to fix it.” She’s right. Sales is about fixing problems. That’s why we buy. I’m

How to Sell Better: Lesson 6 – Use The CRM

  Yeah, I get it. Most of you think the CRM is a waste of time. Most of you think the CRM just slows you down and that it’s a pain in the ass. You see it as something that benefits management, and you get sick and tired of the sales manager asking, is it in the CRM? I feel you. The problem, however, isn’t the CRM. It’s you and how you use it. You

Salespeople – Stop Trying To Steal From Your Prospects

  Yes, that’s what I said. You’re trying to steal from your prospects and it’s getting irritating? What am I talking about? Why am I saying you’re stealing?  Because everytime you send out an email or leave a voicemail asking for “just 15-minutes of your time” without offering something of equivalent value for that time, you’re stealing. Your prospects time is valuable. It’s probably the most valuable thing they have and you’re asking them to give it

How to Sell Better, Lesson 1 – Want to Sell

I got this crazy idea yesterday morning to start a How to Sell Better series. It just came to me, and it sounded like a good idea. I don’t know how long it’s going to last or how many posts it will be. I’m gonna take it day by day and see where it goes. Remember the movie Forest Gump where Forest (Tom Hanks) just started running?  Well, it feels kinda like that. I’m just

Cold Calling is Dead, Email is Dead, So Do This Instead!

Every day some one is declaring something is dead. Email is dead. Social media is dead. Cold calling is dead. There is always some influencer looking to get ahead of the curve and claim some sales technique is dead. Let me ask you a question. Is door to door sales dead? If you said yes, then you should feel lucky that you’ve never heard that knock on your door at 2:00 on a Wednesday from

Most Salespeople Aren’t Actually Selling When They’re Selling

Most sales people aren’t selling and they don’t know it. Most sales people are order takers. They aren’t salespeople. Most sales people react to the customer and the customer dictates the sale. The salesperson simply reacts to the buyer, wielding little influence over the sales or the direction the sale goes. Sometimes they get the sale, other times they don’t. This reactive, customer driven approach to sales opportunity management ISN’T selling. Selling requires a sales