How to Know if You're Going

Know if You’re Going To Make Quota Before The Quarter Starts

    It’s the first week of April and the first week of Q2.  Most of us have put Q1 behind us, good or bad and we’re squarely focused on making our number for Q2.   We’re building our plans; we’re making our calls, we’re busy little beavers, determined and destined to make up for lost ground, or get closer to President’s Club or maintain our good steady pace. It’s what we do as salespeople.

A Sales Guy U

The Best Sales Resource Center on The Web

You wanna become a better sales person? Are you looking for tools, insights, and content that can accelerate sales and get your team to the next level?  Good!  Because that’s exactly what A Sales Guy U was built for. A Sales Guy you is the single best resource on the web for sales content.   A Sales Guy U content cuts to the chase and gets to what matters. You don’t get that with other

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Note To Sales People in 2017 — It’s Time To Up Your Game

  If you’re a sales person and you give a shit about your clients, your personal development, your career, and your company, then I have a message for you. It’s 2017, and we’re failing our customers, prospects, the companies we work for and ourselves. In the past 15 years, there have been crazy advancements in the area of sales tools, from CRM’s that do just about everything except your laundry to data or insights applications that

Why People Buy

Hey Salespeople: If This Isn’t In Your CRM, You’re In Trouble

If you’re a salesperson, take a look at all the opportunities in your CRM. If you’re a sales manager, or the CRO, or even the CEO, go look at the opportunities your salespeople have put in the CRM. Comb through each opportunity, look at the notes, next steps, past emails…look through the entire thing. I bet you can’t find it. I bet 90% of the opportunities you look through don’t have it and that “it”

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Understand The “How” and Win the Deal

You wanna get better at selling? You wanna get better at demand creation rather than demand reaction? Then learn how to uncover your prospects “how.” How does your prospect do what they do? Here’s how it works. Start with what your product or service does. What value does it bring? Then start asking your prospect how they do what your product or service does now. Ex: You sell hauling equipment. “How” questions: How do you

Sales Video Short: Become a Giving Sales Person

Sales is a giving profession. Unfortunately, most of us missed the memo. We’re too busy asking for our prospects time. We want 10 minutes of their time to tell them how great we are. We want 30 minutes to barrage them with questions for our discovery call. We want 45 minutes to do a demo. Sales people and sales organizations are constantly in taking mode. They’re always looking to take from their prospects in pursuit


Sales Tip: No One Gives a Shit About You.

Please pay attention to this. Forward this to marketing. Forward this to your boss. Forward this to sales operations. Forward this to the people that create your pitch decks, presentations, and your powerpoints.  Because that’s where the problem starts. No one gives a shit about you or your company. No one gives a shit how long you’ve been in business. No gives a shit that you’re on the Inc. Fastest growing companies. No one gives

Sales Tip: Get the Customer to Let You Help Them

This is one my most repeated sales tips. Your entire selling effort should focus on getting the customer to “let” you help them. If the customer isn’t willing to let you help them. You’re not selling and they aren’t going to buy. We need the prospect to participate in the sale with us in order to create a valuable solution. Learn to get the prospect to let you help them.    

Sales Tip: Empathy Matters

Great sales people are empathetic. You can’t sell if you’re not in tune with your buyers and prospects. Therefore you’re unable to offer a valuable solution to them. It all starts with your focus on them, their problems, their needs, their emotions, their fears, their issues. You must have empathy for those you’re selling to. Can you think of a time your empathy helped you help a customer?