How to Sell Better, Lesson 1 – Want to Sell

I got this crazy idea yesterday morning to start a How to Sell Better series. It just came to me, and it sounded like a good idea. I don’t know how long it’s going to last or how many posts it will be. I’m gonna take it day by day and see where it goes. Remember the movie Forest Gump where Forest (Tom Hanks) just started running?  Well, it feels kinda like that. I’m just

Cold Calling is Dead, Email is Dead, So Do This Instead!

Every day some one is declaring something is dead. Email is dead. Social media is dead. Cold calling is dead. There is always some influencer looking to get ahead of the curve and claim some sales technique is dead. Let me ask you a question. Is door to door sales dead? If you said yes, then you should feel lucky that you’ve never heard that knock on your door at 2:00 on a Wednesday from

Most Salespeople Aren’t Actually Selling When They’re Selling

Most sales people aren’t selling and they don’t know it. Most sales people are order takers. They aren’t salespeople. Most sales people react to the customer and the customer dictates the sale. The salesperson simply reacts to the buyer, wielding little influence over the sales or the direction the sale goes. Sometimes they get the sale, other times they don’t. This reactive, customer driven approach to sales opportunity management ISN’T selling. Selling requires a sales

The Key Requirement To A Sales Opportunity

There almost always seems to be a discussion or debate between what qualifies as an opportunity in sales. The decision criteria can be all over the place. Some folks use BANT, other use Medic. Some use their homegrown criteria? The definitions of what makes a sales opportunity a sales opportunity are robust and varied.  In spite of the various number of definitions, there is one absolute requirement to a sales opportunity. It doesn’t matter what else

Change, Discomfort and the Resistance – The Axis of Evil in Sales

  Sales IS change. Change creates discomfort. Discomfort creates resistance. Resistance looks to prevent change. No change, no sale. Sales people are change agents. There is no sale without change. Therefore, it’s our job to minimize the discomfort, manage the resistance and usher in change. Welcome to the world of sales.

Sales Advice For Sales People

The next episode of The Real Deal of Sales is out and as usual, it’s a good one. In this episode, I ask sales people what advice they would give other sales people.  I’m not disappointed when it comes to people helping others. Their advice was spot on. Don’t forget to check out my take and remember to subscribe. Watch: The Real Deal of Sales

Why Great Sales People Assume When Selling

  Too often people make the assumption, that in sales assumptions are bad. That is a bad assumption. Assumptions are great. We need to make assumptions. Assumptions assist us in setting a direction, they give us something to aim for or a place to go. Here’s a good example of what I’m talking about. Your product or service only solves a handful or substantial, relevant problems for you target customers, therefore, you have to assume

Know if You’re Going To Make Quota Before The Quarter Starts

    It’s the first week of April and the first week of Q2.  Most of us have put Q1 behind us, good or bad and we’re squarely focused on making our number for Q2.   We’re building our plans; we’re making our calls, we’re busy little beavers, determined and destined to make up for lost ground, or get closer to President’s Club or maintain our good steady pace. It’s what we do as salespeople.

The Best Sales Resource Center on The Web

You wanna become a better sales person? Are you looking for tools, insights, and content that can accelerate sales and get your team to the next level?  Good!  Because that’s exactly what A Sales Guy U was built for. A Sales Guy you is the single best resource on the web for sales content.   A Sales Guy U content cuts to the chase and gets to what matters. You don’t get that with other