What Ski Instruction Taught Me About Coaching Sales People

Many of you have heard me talk about ski instruction and how I’m a PSIA Level 2 Certified Ski Instructor at Vail.  Beyond being a blast to do, like most things, parts of what I’ve learned teaching has bled into my sales consulting and coaching salespeople is a perfect example of that. I talked about it in my presentation at Hubspot’s Inbound 17 conference this past September.  Coaching is ubiquitous in any area where improvement is

How To Close In The 21st Century

For years we’ve looked at “closing” as a thing you do to someone. We’ve looked at it like an event that happens at the end of the sales cycle. Here’s the problem with that.  It doesn’t work.  If you’re trying to “close” someone at the end of the sales process, if you’re treating the close like an event your not selling and you’re not in a good sales place. Closing is not something you do

I’m Speaking at Dreamforce

The giant sales conference that is Dreamforce is coming up in just under a 3 weeks and I will speaking. My topic, coaching.   If your going to Dreamforce come say high and learn how I teach sales organizations to build coaching processes that win. Register here: https://success.salesforce.com/Sessions?eventId=a1Q3000000qQOd9EAG#/session/a2q3A000000LBH9QAO See you there!