It’s Time We Start Hacking Ourselves

  The hard work mantra, I think we all get it. At least we’ve all heard it. Hustle and grind, seem to be the key theme of today’s social memes. And it’s true, you have to work unreasonably hard to make it, and to achieve the success you want. The problem with today’s emphasis on hard work, hustle and grind memes is they don’t give us much indication on what we should be grinding on.

Who Helped Me the Most in 2016? — Chris Brogan That’s Who!

No one is successful by themselves. I don’t care who you are. If you believe any success you’ve had is 100% created all by yourself, you’re an asshole. Yeah, I said it. No one is successful alone, no one. Don’t be an asshole. Yes, we all work hard. And our success is ultimately attached to our own efforts, but we live in a connected world that requires the help, insight, support, guidance, and friendship of

One of The Last Traveling Salesmen Left In America

A friend sent me this video. I have no idea how I missed it until now. It’s been out for at least 4 years. It’s a fantastic peak into a dying, if not an already dead profession, the traveling salesman. This is a killer 10 minutes highlighting so many of the unique aspects of sales and selling. The good, the bad, the rewarding, the lonely and more. If you’re in sales, you’re will relate to much

Why Your Prospects Don’t Respond to Your Cold Emails and How to Fix It!

There is a science to getting emails read. There is a science to how our brain works and how we engage with email and if you want to understand that science, you’re gonna like this post. Getting emails read is one of the greatest challenges in sales today. As more and more people abandon the phone, email has become our go-to communication tool, yet most sales people suck at emails and so do their marketing department. According

Keenan’s First 7 Jobs #firstsevenjobs

I’m sure most of you have already seen this meme #firstsevenjobs going around on Twitter and Facebook. I hate these types of memes. Prolly because I didn’t come up with the original idea, and I hate feeling like a copycat, or a sheep. I know, I’ve got issues. After reading a few, including my friend Fred Wilson’s list, it got me thinking. I believe there is more than just a trend here. I suspect there

Why America Will Never Be Great!

  Happy 4th of July or is it Happy Independence Day?  I didn’t think it mattered, as I figured they were interchangeable, however apparently according to a friend of mine, they are not.  I learned this because he posted so on his Facebook page. He posted this: If you wish American citizens “Happy 4th of July” instead of “Happy Independence Day” you’re a Canadian Go back to your own country you Hoser This seems like

Has Sales Changed?

I was the guest speaker at a recent Denver Sales Meet Up and was asked; “What’s changing in sales?” This seems to be a very popular question. With all the new sales tools, methodologies, books etc. people seem to think sales is changing.  I’m not so sure. In this 3 minute video, I give you my answer.     What do you think?  Is sales changing?