Capability vs Execution

A friend of mine posted this on her Facebook page. One day, when I’m wildly (or even just mildly) successful, I’m gonna blame my parents for tricking me into thinking I was capable. I mean thanks. This was my response to her. I put it in a meme and post on Facebook. Capability is useless without execution. Capability means nothing without doing. You can’t do anything without actually trying to do it. Getting wrapped up

A Message to the Grammar Nazis

There are all kinds of pedants around with more time to read and imitate Lynn Truss and John Humphrys, than to write poems, love letters, novels and stories it seems. They whip out their Sharpies and takeaway and add apostrophes to public signs, shake their heads at prepositions which end sentences and mutter at split infinitives and misspellings. But, do they bubble and froth and slobber and cream with joy at language? Do they ever

Brand Connectedness

This morning I read this quote from Burberry’s CEO, Angela Ahrendts and I couldn’t agree more. I’ve highlighted the money part of the quote for me. The experience would be that a customer would have total access to Burberry, across any device, anywhere. And they would get exactly the same feeling of the brand, feeling of the culture, regardless of when, where, how they were accessing the brand. Everyone now can come into Burberry World