I don’t give a Shit About Sales Status!

Status is the lame update salespeople share… I don’t give a rat’s ass about a sales opportunities status in the pipeline and as a sales manager neither should you. What is “status?”  Status is the lame update sales people share during the weekly pipeline meeting.  It’s the pathetic review we sales managers accept from sales people  when we don’t have a strong cadence and pipeline review process in place.  They go like this: Sales Manager

Why Missing Quota In Q3 Is What You Need

When it comes to making quota there are a number of critical success factors, but the most critical and often undervalued is time. Time is without a doubt one of the most critical and important elements to making quota. The more time we have, the higher the probability we make quota. The less time, the lower the chances we have. Time is our best friend. Don’t believe me? Then ask yourself this question, how do

What You Don’t Know About Your Pipeline That’s Killing Your Sales

What do your sales pipeline stages look like? How many do you have? Are they working, does your pipeline tell you what you need to know? If you’re like most sales organizations your pipeline stages are average. They do just enough for you to track sales, to manage opportunities and to provide a rough forecast. But, also like most sales organizations, when it comes to crunch time, when it comes to the end of the

You Have No Idea if the Deal will Close, BUT You Can Know This

Man, is knowing if a deal will close important to the sales world. It’s the center of every pipeline meeting, every executive conversation at the end of the quarter. Knowing if a deal is going to close is at the center of every opportunity discussion of every sales organization in the world. Unfortunately, despite everyones best intentions, unless you are at the very end of the sales cycle and everything has been completed, this is

The New Face of “A Sales Guy U”

A Sales Guy U is “The Sales resource site for salespeople and sales leaders.” It’s packed with ebooks, videos, webinars, tools and more to help sales organizations make their number. The site has been completely redesigned to improve the user experience and make it easier to navigate. You can download eBooks such as: Don’t Let Your Ass Catch On Fire Twitter for Sales People What the Experts Are Saying About 2013 Or maybe you need