Become a 1%er

You Wanna be Successful? Just Do This . . .

  You wanna be successful? Do this . . . Be the absolutely fuckin’ best at what you do and spend every day making sure you stay the best. It’s that simple. I know, it’s not what you were thinking. You were expecting some earth shattering, intriguingly simple, yet profound insight. Nope, that’s not what I’ve got for ya. It may not be earth-shattering or profound, but it is simple. At least it’s simple to understand.

What Do You Do With Negative Feedback?

Let me be clear, there is a difference between negative feedback and constructive feedback that highlights a weakness, or something you could improve. I’m a huge fan of constructive feedback. Actually, I seek it out. I want as much feedback in the areas I can improve as I can get. It’s the only way to get better. Negative feedback, on the other hand, is just that it’s negative. Negative feedback isn’t constructive, it’s driven by


We Need More of You

Be you! We need more you. Stop trying to fit in. Stop measuring yourself against outside forces. Compare and despair Don’t look for permission from others. Do what you feel is best. Have the courage to express your convictions. We need more of you. We don’t need more people agreeing. We don’t need validation of the known. We need more identification of the unknown. We don’t need more blue suits. (We need more plaid shirts.


How Quickly Do You Get Uncomfortable

Seth Godin wrote a fantastic post the other day. In it, he talks about our alertness for differences. For as long as we’ve been keeping records, human beings have been on alert for the differences that divide us. Then we fixate on those differences, amplifying them, ascribing all sorts of irrelevant behaviors to them. Until, the next thing you know, we start referring to, “those people.” Seth suggests that rather than look for differences, we should

If You Don’t Have Passion, You Don’t Have Anything

Passion is arguably the most important aspect of success. Without it, it’s hard to argue we are delivering our absolute best.  Passion drives motivation. I define passion as the emotional connection to what it is we’re doing or committed to. It’s the heart part of the equation, not the head. About a month ago, Will Baron the genius behind Salesman Red asked me if I’d be willing to talk about my passion and what passion

resistance stain

Problem Finders vs. Solution Creators – The Stain of Resistance

Problem finders are everywhere. Finding a problem is easy. Your car won’t start. Yup, you found a problem.  Revenue is down, yup another problem. Your advertising isn’t working, yup you found another problem. It doesn’t take much work to find problems; they are easy to spot because they make us uncomfortable and scare us. Problems are easy to find because of the emotional impact they have on our safety and comfort. We feel unsafe or

not listening

The Problem with Passionate Conviction

You have to be passionate to sell. You have to have conviction to sell what you sell. The problem happens when the passionate conviction takes over. A good friend asked me to meet someone about a new business venture they were involved in. Reluctantly (I get a lot of these requests), I looked at his website, and did a little research and agreed. We had a 30 minute phone conversation. This person was passionate and convicted

The Truth About Being Defensive and Failure

What are your “blind-spots?”  Do you have any?  How do you know?  In personal development, a blind spot is, when people see things in you, you don’t see in you. The only way to avoid blind spots is to embrace feedback. Being defensive dismisses feedback and is the fastest path to failure. You have to be open to feedback.   What are your blind spots? Go find out, ask someone to tell you.

How To Know If You’re Average

There is a sure-fire way to know if you’re average at what you do or if you’re great at what you do. Ask yourself this simple question. Would you do your job for double the pay if it were 100% commission ONLY based on performance? Would you? Would you be willing to work on a 100% commission plan knowing, if you fail, you don’t get paid? Most people aren’t willing to do it because it means