How Quickly Do You Get Uncomfortable

Seth Godin wrote a fantastic post the other day. In it, he talks about our alertness for differences. For as long as we’ve been keeping records, human beings have been on alert for the differences that divide us. Then we fixate on those differences, amplifying them, ascribing all sorts of irrelevant behaviors to them. Until, the next thing you know, we start referring to, “those people.” Seth suggests that rather than look for differences, we should


First Impressions are Dead

First impressions are dead. Yup, I said it. If first impressions are still a part of your life, you’re doing it all wrong. There is no reason for anyone to be faced with a first impression any longer. There are just too many places and too much information out there for the first impression to matter.  Well, in-person first impressions that is.  Digital first impressions, they’re not dead, they’re in their infancy and rapidly growing in

Morgan Ingram, SDR Extraordinaire

Guys, I want you to meet Morgan Ingram. Morgan is a stud. Morgan started a YouTube Channel for SDR’s called the SDR Chronicles, and it’s fantastic. Morgan got on my radar because he reached out to me via LinkedIn and because someone tweeted his YouTube channel at me. Ya, gotta love social. Morgan is killing it. He’s doing everything right to be a winner in today’s world. He’s executing the rules of Not Taught to

How To Know If You’re Average

There is a sure-fire way to know if you’re average at what you do or if you’re great at what you do. Ask yourself this simple question. Would you do your job for double the pay if it were 100% commission ONLY based on performance? Would you? Would you be willing to work on a 100% commission plan knowing, if you fail, you don’t get paid? Most people aren’t willing to do it because it means

Are You On Social Media Yet?

Are You Using Social Media Yet?

So, where are you on this social media thing? Do you have a Twitter account? Are you on LinkedIn? Do you use Google +?  Or are you one of those people sitting on the sidelines still trying to figure out why social media even matters, because you have too much to do to be bothered with what someone is eating for lunch. Let me help you out. Consider this a Sales Guy Public Service Announcement:

Digital Obscuirty (1)

Why You Need To Start A Sales Blog

If you’re serious about improving your status as a sales professional, if you’re looking for a way to put your career on the fast track, start a sales blog. A good sales blog is a competition killer. It’s a first class seat on the career fast track. Here’s why. Imagine you have a repository of hundreds or even thousands of your ideas, insights, processes and approaches to sales in a place where the world can

I’m Going To Learn How To Do A Mute Grab 360 #mysummerproject

I decided to spend my summer learning something I’ve never done before. Summers are great for this kind of thing. We seem to have a bit more time than the rest of the year. Summers are time boxed. For some reason, we look at summer different than all the other seasons. We’re obsessed with the beginning and the end of the summer season. Therefore, I made the commitment to learn to do a Mute Grab