Marketing Should Be On A Different Fiscal Calendar

Crazy, I know uh.  Why screw with an organization like that. We’re trying to get sales and marketing on the same page, and now I’m telling you they need to be on separate fiscal calendars. Yup, that’s what I’m telling you, and it’s BECAUSE sales and marketing are becoming closer. Sales is relying more and more on marketing for leads and top of the funnel support. Therefore, they have to be on different fiscal calendars

The 3 Types of Content All Good ABM Strategies Need

Have you noticed? Most content sucks. Yup, I said it. Sorry, in too many cases it is true. Marketing content designed to generate leads is weak, uninspiring and offers little value to the target market. When was the last time you found or even downloaded an exquisite ebook, or attended a great webinar or was offered a compelling study? Exactly! Most content today is average at best. Good content should help your prospects do their

How To “Price” Your Marketing Content

Have you ever asked yourself how much your marketing content is worth?  You know, the ebooks you create. The infographics you design. The webinars you host.  How much are they worth? You need to know, because contrary to your beliefs, they have value and your ability to apply the appropriate value matters. The value of your marketing content isn’t measured in terms of money, but rather by how much information your prospects are willing to

8 Key Elements to Killer Sales and Marketing Emails that Win

Email is critical to sales and marketing. We all know it, so if we want to win with email, we must create emails that not only get opened but also deliver on the objective of the email All sales and marketing emails have an objective. We wouldn’t send them if they didn’t. In most cases, the objective is to get the recipient to take action.  We’re asking the recipient to download a document, to read an

How Marketing Is Screwing Up Social Marketing

Hey, marketers, I have a suggestion. Reach out to some of the best social sellers in the world like, Koka Sexton, Brian Fanzo, Jack Kosakowski, Jill Rowley, Eric Mitchell, Carlos Gil, etc. and take notes. You need to learn how to social market because you’re making a mess out of it. Social marketing is just like social selling. It’s about giving, not taking. It’s about sharing, and engaging, not about asking. Social marketing operates from

Creativity Strikes Again (On24 Kills it!)

You know how much I love creative shit. I could talk for hours about creativity AND how creativity is the difference between winning and losing. Creativity is the shit and the cats over at On24 have lit up the creativity Christmas Tree with this funny and creative video. How to Webinar! Not only is it creative, but it’s not boring. Most companies are boring. There is nothing fun or exciting about GoTo Meeting or any

What True Creativity Looks Like

  This is the most CREATIVE wedding photo EVER! Think about what frame of mind the photographer Quinn Miller had to be operating from to stage this picture. Think about how he looks at weddings and how he sees the experience. Quinn looks at wedding photography completely different than everyone else and he is winning because of it. Is it daring? You bet your ass. Could the wedding party have not liked it? No doubt. Is