The 8 Questions Every Sales Manager Needs To Ask In A Deal Review

It’s a sales manager’s job to know whether or not a salesperson is going to make quota or not and part of the process is understanding what deals are real and will close, and which won’t. Deal reviews are the critical tool for sales managers to determine the probability of a salesperson is going to be successful or not in making quota. Unfortunately, deal reviews can be all over the place. We’ve all sat through

Most Salespeople Aren’t Actually Selling When They’re Selling

Most sales people aren’t selling and they don’t know it. Most sales people are order takers. They aren’t salespeople. Most sales people react to the customer and the customer dictates the sale. The salesperson simply reacts to the buyer, wielding little influence over the sales or the direction the sale goes. Sometimes they get the sale, other times they don’t. This reactive, customer driven approach to sales opportunity management ISN’T selling. Selling requires a sales

Sales Leaders Share Their Proudest Moments

The next installment of The Real Deal of Sales is out and again it’s fire. In this one, I ask sales leaders about their proudest moments. Sales leaders have an amazing impact, and if they are good can change people’s lives. So, I wanted to know, what their most proud moment was. The stories are fantastic. There are some good sales leaders out there. Check out the newest The Real Deal of Sales and see

The Most Difficult Part of Sales Leadership

  Yup, it’s that time again. A new Real Deal of Sales is up. In this episode we talk to Sales Leaders about the difficulties of being, well you guessed it, sales managers. The sales managers we talked to were huge people, people. They were motivated by helping others and making a difference in people’s lives. Go check it out and let me know what you think. ¬†Also, please subscribe, it tells us you like

Sales Coaching and Leadership – Straight Keenan 3

  Back from my trip to Chicago. I had a blast and got to talk to a number of sales leaders for The Real Deal of Sales. Not only did I learn what many sales leaders are doing today, I did a kick ass sales podcast with Will Barron, I did a presentation with Steve Richard and I got to spend time with people I hadn’t spent time with in a while. Good times, it

Coaching and Sales Growth In 2017

My new Forbes post is up. Like most of my posts, the ones I think are just OK, do really well, and the ones I think are homeruns, fizzle and die a painful death in obscurity. This post has been fairly popular. I knew it was an important topic, but I didn’t realize how much it would resonate with sales leaders and sales people alike. Enjoy and let me know what you think. The One

Hey Salespeople: If This Isn’t In Your CRM, You’re In Trouble

If you’re a salesperson, take a look at all the opportunities in your CRM. If you’re a sales manager, or the CRO, or even the CEO, go look at the opportunities your salespeople have put in the CRM. Comb through each opportunity, look at the notes, next steps, past emails…look through the entire thing. I bet you can’t find it. I bet 90% of the opportunities you look through don’t have it and that “it”