I Get Personal in This One!

  I did the Sales Tuner Podcast the other day and it was one of my most personal podcasts in a while. The host Jim Brown did a great job at eliciting personal stories out of me. I was on fire. I went several rants and got myself all fired up. I listened to it at the airport and was ready to storm a castle and I was listening to myself talk. I think you’re

A New Framework to Drive More Sales

Today I did a BrightTALK presentation for the Sales Xpert Channel. I talked about what I call “Gap Selling” or “Selling to the Gap” Selling to the Gap is based on the concept that when people buy, there is a “gap” between where they are today and where they want to go, and it’s this gap that drives the value and probability of closing the deal. Selling to the gap is a simple process that

If You Don’t Have Passion, You Don’t Have Anything

Passion is arguably the most important aspect of success. Without it, it’s hard to argue we are delivering our absolute best. ┬áPassion drives motivation. I define passion as the emotional connection to what it is we’re doing or committed to. It’s the heart part of the equation, not the head. About a month ago, Will Baron the genius behind Salesman Red asked me if I’d be willing to talk about my passion and what passion