Why Should I Work for You?

Why should I be excited to work for you?  No, really.  Why?  Why work for you as opposed to any other sales leader out there?  Please- whatever you do, don’t tell me it’s because you’re a good guy or girl, fun to work with and because you support your team.  It will make me throw up in my mouth. I need more than that.  And frankly; so do you. That’s not enough.  I want a

Is Everyone Coachable? [The Answer Might Surprise You]

This is a guest post in response to my coaching post a week ago.  While writing the post I asked my friend Matt if everyone was coachable.  He said yes. I didn’t believe him, so I asked him to convince me and write a post supporting his claim.   What follows is one of the best breakdowns of coaching and what coaching means you will read in a blog.  Matt’s position is substantive and comprehensive.  If

The Difference Between What You Do And How You Do It

Everyone is a salesperson, or a teacher, or a doctor or a truck driver, or mechanic, or a waiter, or a recruiter, or a Vice President, or a developer or a something. Everyone is something. That’s obvious.  When we first meet people, one of the first questions we’re often asked is; “What do you do for a living?” We always seem answer it right too. What we don’t often get right is what makes us

Why You Should Hire An Idiot When Ever You Can

It was my high school graduation. I was sitting in the last row, seat 276 or something like that.  There were roughly 300 white wooden folding chairs on the football field lawn. It was a hot May day and the sun was extra hot in our graduation gowns. We were seated in the chairs according to our GPA ranking, first to last.  My GPA was one of the lowest in my H.S. graduation class.  I remember several

You Can Hide in Video, But You Can’t Get Lost (Why Video Hiring Rocks!)

We’re hiring at A Sales Guy. It’s been a VERY painful process. Finding good people is hard. A Sales Guy has a very unique culture in that we look for and embrace the gritty, cool, nerd who can SELL! And, when I say nerd, I mean nerd, not dork. There are way too many dorks in sales. We’re not interested in the dork or the douchebag. We’re looking for something special.  It’s hard for us