#heykeenan Take 29, The Patriots, Mentors, and Selling a New Product

It’s been awhile, but #heykeenan is back. In this episode, I talk about the Patriots, Red Bull, mentoring and how to sell a product that impacts someone’s every day. I go a little bit of a rant in this one. I get this sales question too much, and it’s killing the industry of sales.   Do you have a sales question?  Hit me up on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or in the comments below with hashtag

#Heykeenan Take 28: Coaching Sales People and Preparing for a Discovery Call

#heykeenan Take 28 is FINALLY done. Getting this take done was the biggest pain in the ass. It took 4 takes. We never do more than one take. #heykeenan is unedited and unscripted. But in this case, the mic kept going out and we didn’t know. We’d get to the end, upload and no sound. It happened 4 times before we finally go it to work. We’re convinced this episode is cursed or haunted.  It

#heykeenan 27 How Do You Motivate the Unmotivated?

I spent Labor Day on Cape Cod, this year. I spent it on Great Island. It’s one of my favorite places to relax and enjoy myself (and not shave 🙂 ). It’s absolutely gorgeous, peaceful and serene. We were supposed to shoot #heykeenan 27 before I left for vacation, but we just didn’t get it done, so I figured, what the heck. I’ll do it myself from the beach. In Take 27, I talk about

#heykeenan Take 26: Conviction vs Selling Skills and Making the Quarter

#heykeenan Take 26 is out.  This is our first one since Max, my business development rep moved to Florida.  He’s still working for ASG, but he’s no longer behind the camera. We miss him.   In this take, I talk about conviction and the importance of selling skills as well as making your quarter as it comes to an end. Enjoy peeps. What’s your question?  Leave a question in the comments and I’ll answer it

#heykeenan Take 25 — Does Gender Matter in Sales?

In Take 25 of #heykeenan I take on gender in sales and why great salespeople don’t become great sales leaders. I have a passion for woman’s issues in the workplace, so I loved it when I got this question.   Women in sales is a real issue, and so is promoting the right people into the right roles.  This Take was a fun one. I also share a little-known fact about the Brexit, enjoy!!  

#heykeenan Take 23: How to Scale a Global Sales Team and Call vs. Face-to-Face Meeting?

This take of #heykeenan was tough in the beginning. I was asked a really difficult question with only a little bit of information. How do you build a global sales team?  If you’re considering going global, you don’t want to miss this. I also break down when and why to use a call over a face-to-face and vice versa. I go into how to choose the right touch for the right message in the right part

How Do You Know If A Prospect Is Going to Buy? #heykeenan

We’ve all been there. The customer is saying all the right things, but we don’t seem to be able to get the deal to move. We work our asses off for days, weeks and even months but then we get the dreaded email, sorry we’ve decided not to move forward. In Take 16 of #heykeenan I break down how you can know if your buyer is serious or not. Stop wasting time on prospects who