Enough! You’re Not A Fucking Entrepreneur

I’ve gotta get this shit of my chest. I fuckin’ love all the opportunity that is out there today. It has NEVER been a better time to start a business, to go out on your own, to pave your own path.  Never! But to the majority of you running around calling yourself an entrepreneur, while you have a full-time job, collecting a paycheck from someone else, stop! You’re not. Anyone can start a business in

An Unexpected Trait of The Truly Successful

I was talking to a young entrepreneur earlier today. We were talking about the progress she was making in her business. She’s killing it. Her most recent “big” win was a deal with the Red Sox.  This girl is smart, driven and a hustler, and she’s done amazing things in a tough retail business. As we were talking, I couldn’t help but notice a very common theme in her dialog. She kept saying, “I learned.”

Not one thing

If we could just get picked up by TechCrunch or Mashable, the company will blow up. If I can just get to the CEO, I’ll close this deal. If I could make Guy Kawasaki’s All Top list my blog will be huge. If product would just lower the price, I could sell more of this stuff. If I can just get a VC to invest, we’ll own the space. Unfortunately, accomplishing one thing rarely creates

I’m A VC Rap – The Foundry Group Takes to The Hood

My boy Seth Levine (@sether), Brad Feld and the rest of the boys over at Foundry Group put this funny video together. It was a brilliant idea. If you’re a hot start-up, how could you NOT want to have these guys in your corner.  Right now the VC world is competitive. Many are saying there is a bubble and evaluations are out of control. If that’s true, being different and showing start-up founders you are more

21 Questions that Keep Sales People Up @ Night

Yesterday I read a frickin’ awesome post over at OnStartups.   Of course, I found it through my Twitter stream.  Love Twitter for this stuff. Dharmesh listed 23 awesome, and so true, questions that keep entrepreneurs up at night.   Having started 3 businesses to date, this list was spot on!  I’ve been kept awake pondering most of these questions.  (except for number 4, I don’t have an Uncle Larry) Being an entrepreneur is hard.

Learning From Others Failures

I’m an experiential learner.  That means I learn best when I’m doing it.  In the past I’d  jump in, get my hands dirty and see what happens.  It’s a great way to learn when the cost of failure is low.  But, as the cost of failure increases, learning on your own dime gets to be costly. After a few failure beatings, I’ve learned to learn form others failures.  It’s no panacea, however, over the years I’m