Anger is Not a Strategy and Neither is Blaming

NY Republican, Mayor Michael Bloomberberg made this statement on Good Morning America this week that has stuck with me. “Anger is not a strategy.” He made it in refernce to the rise of the Tea Party.  I couldn’t agree with him more.   Anger has gripped this country and I don’t think it’s a good thing.  Anger never solves anything.   Rarely does anything positive come from anger.   There was an interesting post in

Data Suggests Unemployed, Not Economy Responsible for High Unemployment Rate

I found this article a little while back and it has been gnawing at me ever since.   The article discusses the Beveridge curve.  The Beveridge curve is the relationship between job vacancies and the unemployment rate. According to the Beveridge Curve and the second quarter’s JOLT’s Survey (Job Openings and Labor Turnover) the overall trend in new job openings has been positive, yet unemployment has remained unchanged.   Another way of putting this is, more employers

Why Your Quota for Next Year Will Be Unrealistic!

Do you set quota? Do you set financial goals and plans for your organization? It’s getting to be that time again when sales and business leaders begin to look into their next fiscal year. Over the years I’ve noticed an interesting trend. When it comes to fiscal planning, leaders do one of two things, they pick a number they want to make, then figure out how they are going to make it or they look

Stop Telling Everyone What To Do

Sales Leaders – When times are tough, sales numbers aren’t being made and the outlook is bleak, stop telling everyone what to do. Stop yelling! As sales leaders, we are notorious for demanding our sales people hit their numbers, threatening job losses for those who can’t get with the program. I’ve never understood why, it rarely works. When times are tough across your organization it’s no longer about the sales team. It’s about your sales

Getting Real and Not Being Seen as Weak

Not too long ago I was invited to a National Sales Conference. It was your typical, yearly sales conference designed to rally the troops and set agenda for the coming year. What I remember most was the CEO’s presentation and the companies goal to grow 5% to 7%. Grow 5 to 7%? I remember asking myself what evidence did he have that allowed him and the company to believe they could grow at this rate?

Creativity Wins The Day

To sell in a tough economy you have to be creative. Being creative means doing things differently. It means being a contrarian and thinking outside of the box. When companies and people aren’t buying, relying on SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) will cause a slow death. Creativity is another word for innovation. To move your products, to get buyers attention, and to get your share of what is being spent you need to be innovative. Leaders