The Best Sales Resource Center on The Web

You wanna become a better sales person? Are you looking for tools, insights, and content that can accelerate sales and get your team to the next level?  Good!  Because that’s exactly what A Sales Guy U was built for. A Sales Guy you is the single best resource on the web for sales content.   A Sales Guy U content cuts to the chase and gets to what matters. You don’t get that with other

How To “Price” Your Marketing Content

Have you ever asked yourself how much your marketing content is worth?  You know, the ebooks you create. The infographics you design. The webinars you host.  How much are they worth? You need to know, because contrary to your beliefs, they have value and your ability to apply the appropriate value matters. The value of your marketing content isn’t measured in terms of money, but rather by how much information your prospects are willing to

Why The Perfect Sales Demo Never Includes the Word “If.”

Do you want a telltale sign that your demos aren’t very good? Listen to how many times you say “if.” Every time you say “if” deduct 10 points. If you collect 20 or more points, you’re doing a terrible job. That’s how bad it is if you’re using if more than once in your demos. I’m sure many of you are wondering, what does saying “if” have to do with delivering a good demo. Let

The New Face of “A Sales Guy U”

A Sales Guy U is “The Sales resource site for salespeople and sales leaders.” It’s packed with ebooks, videos, webinars, tools and more to help sales organizations make their number. The site has been completely redesigned to improve the user experience and make it easier to navigate. You can download eBooks such as: Don’t Let Your Ass Catch On Fire Twitter for Sales People What the Experts Are Saying About 2013 Or maybe you need

Don’t Get Fired For Hiring This Guy!

Have you ever hired this guy? Need I say more?  🙂 You can download the ebook here: You can check out more A Sales Guy crazy videos here:    

A QSR (Quarterly Sales Review Process) that Actually Works

Anyone here like doing quarterly sales review? Sales leaders, do you like sitting through them?  Do they help you get closer to the number?  After they are done, do you feel better about your business? Do you feel like they were worth the 1,2, or even 3 days you spend going through them? Do you feel better about your ability to reach your goals when they are over? Salespeople, do you like doing quarterly reviews?

Help Making Your Number

I’ve created a single place where you can now download my ebooks.  It’s part of A Sales Guy U!  Check it out. My newest one, Twitter For Sales is up now too. My goal with the ebooks and the other content in A Sales Guy U is to give you an edge in making quota. Think of it as free training and or sales education. The books are easy to read, targeted AND will help