United Could Have Avoided Dragging Passenger Off Plane

Look sometimes “rules” and “regulations” blind us to the most obvious and simple solution and this was the case for United Airlines this weekend. United overbooked a flight. It happens, I get it. In an effort to maximize bookings and make sure flights are full, airlines commonly overbook anticipating people don’t show, miss their connections, etc. Unfortunately, every once in a while, everyone shows up.  And that’s exactly what happened on this United Flight from

Why Sorry Isn’t Enough and What People Really Want to Hear

What do you do when you fuck up? Do you apologize? Do you get defensive? Do you try to minimize it by avoiding the fuck up altogether? How do you handle it when you or your company screw up? There is only one way to respond when you make a mistake in sales or business, shit in life, in general, and most people don’t do it right. The majority of people (a simple majority it

It Takes Heart To Sell

Selling is more than the numbers. It’s more than quota. It’s more than pipeline and conversion percentages. Sales is more than dollars that exchange hands. Yet we dedicate crazy amounts of time to these very things. To sell we have to connect with the pain of our buyers. To sell means we’ve connected with the challenges our prospects face. To sell means we see the same opportunities for growth our customers do. To sell means

Why Companies LIE to Their Customers to Avoid Good Service

I was waiting in line to order my food, when I overheard the cashier tell the woman in front of me that she “couldn’t” refund her money, but that she could get her another espresso or something else. The cashier just lied to this woman. Because she can give her a refund, she (or company policy) is choosing not to. This is why most customer service is bullshit and when companies try to defend it,

When an Opportunity Arises, Can You Deliver?

Last week I bought a new dining set for my home in the mountains. Because I’m not there often, I didn’t schedule a delivery date. I wasn’t sure when I was going to be up there to take delivery. The salesman told me that wasn’t a problem and to just call at least two days in advance to schedule the delivery. Well, I’m going this weekend, so I called them on Wed. (yesterday) and tried

Why Companies Create Stupid Policies

  I was scheduled to meet a client last week. Unfortunately, the client had to cancel after I booked my flight. I had no other business in San Francisco at the time, so I needed to cancel the flight. Shit happens right? No big deal! Fast forward a week. I’m planning a trip to Boston, so I decide to use my canceled ticket. No problem says United says, you just need to pay a $200

The Good or The Bad – What Defines Us?

As most of you know, I had a terrible customer experience last week.  I lamented about it here. Unfortunately there has been no change in the situation. I have not been able to connect with the client and it looks like I will be unable repair the relationship. As I shared in the post, It’s eating me alive. In spite of the tribulations, I received an email from another client last week with a far

Wrong, Right, and The Voice in Our Head!

I was fired from a client yesterday and I’m devastated. It wasn’t a pretty, we hate to see you go, kinda thing. It was one of those, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.  It was ugly and I’m crushed. I really liked this client personally and professionally. We had lot’s of great talks and worked very well together. We were doing a lot of good things. I respected them