The First (and Most Important) Entry Into The CRM — Period!

A lot of shit goes into CRM’s. Sometimes useful stuff, other times not so much. Sometimes a sales person CRM is full with valuable information, as they are diligent in logging their activities and keeping the opportunity up to date. Other times, it’s like pulling teeth to get the sales person to put anything into the CRM. The opportunities look like NYC clubs at 5 in the morning, there is shit everywhere, but there is

Most Sales People Use a CRM Like They Are Using the Broadside of a Hammer — Hello?

Your CRM is a tool. That’s all. And, like most tools, you have to us it correctly if want get the most out of it. Have you ever seen a little kid use a hammer for the first time? They bang away at the nail, if you’re lucky it’s not a vase, your iPhone or the remote control, using the broad side of the hammer. If you think about it, it makes sense to a