Why Should I Talk to You?

Before any sale can begin, the target of your efforts has to talk to you. They have to engage. I know, this is the most remedial concept in theory, but in practice, it’s a bitch. Making it worse, even though theoretically it’s simple, sales people continue to forget. They make this mistake over and over again, by not offering their target any reason to talk to them. Your target prospect is busy, tired, and inundated with shit

Do You Know What Your are Selling? [Video Post]

If you’re selling your product, STOP! It’s not what your customers want. Do you know what you’re selling? Let me give you a hint. It’s not the product your company makes and it’s not whatever services they offer. You’re not selling some cool feature. You’re not selling how inexpensive it is. You’re not selling the convenience of your product. You aren’t selling anything that comes from your company. _____________________________________________________ What you are selling could be

Make Your Prospects Say No!

It’s not your job to say no for your prospect. Make your prospect say no! When you’re cold calling, how many times do you call a prospect before you quit if they don’t call back?  2 times, 3 times, 5 times, 8 times . . .10 times?    Here is a tip: Don’t stop calling until they respond with a no! When you stop calling before your prospect says no, you’re saying NO for them and

No one Cares about YOU or Your company!

No one Cares about YOU or Your company!  Rule number one in sales, no one cares about you or your company: No one cares how long your company has been in business or who your customers are. No one cares where you’re headquartered or how many offices there are. No one cares how long you’ve been on the INC 500 or how much your company has grown in the past 5 years.  No one gives

Subject Lines That Work For Sales Emails

I thought this was an interesting infographic. As sales people, we spend an inordinate amount of time trying to communicate with our prospects and buyers. Therefore, it seems to me we might want to get it right. This infographic suggests nothing in the subject line get’s open the most. Well duh, any “Re:” suggests the recipient is responding to something they sent out earlier. Therefore in essence, the recipient in an “Re:” is reading their

Getting Attention

Sales is all about getting someone’s attention. If you get their attention, you get their time. You get their time and you’re more than half way to the sale. You can get attention through pomp and circumstance, shiny objects and by yelling and screaming. You can also get attention by being just plain persistent, continually interrupting until the other side gives in. Or You can actually have something to say that matters, that gets attention

How to Get a Prospect to Call You Back

I’ve just released my new ebook, INTRIGUE, The Only Thing You Need for a Successful Cold Call. Despite online arguments that cold calling is dead, cold calling is still absolutely critical to prospecting in B2B sales.   Successful cold calling requires messages that capture your prospects attention and motivates them to call you back. In this ebook, I break down the science behind capturing people’s attention and how our brain is designed to tune some things out,

62 Reasons You AREN’T Going to Make Quota this Year

Quota is hard enough to make as it is. It takes hard work, focus, and commitment to honing your skills. Only 52% of sales people make quota. The reasons why vary, but I can tell you this. Doing these things will make for sure you don’t make quota. If you are dong these things, STOP! They just make things harder. Not work super hard claiming the economy is still slow  Worrying about things you can’t