The Scarcity of You

  Supply and demand, you get it. The lesser the supply, the greater the demand. So why are you playing in the high supply side? Why do you look like everyone else, every other salesperson, every other marketing manager, every other sales VP, every other accountant, dog walker or software developer? Why? Why do you insist on looking like, acting like, working like and doing your job like everyone else, yet get frustrated that you’re

Knowing ISN’T Doing

  Every day I have a conversation with someone who isn’t where they want to be in their life or their career say to me, “I know . . . I know, I need to make more calls. I know, I need to read more books. I know, I need to blog, (or blog more).  I know, I need to use social media. I know, I need to learn more about my customer business. I know,

How To Get Promoted In A Year

A few weeks ago I said the tell me economy is dead and I meant it. The ability to be successful today by telling people why you’re a bad ass is quickly being replaced by the show me economy.  People are less and less interested in what you tell them and are expecting you to show them what you know, what you can do and how it affects them. This is truer when it comes to

Changing Careers is Easier Than You Think – Why Are You Waiting?

  George posted on LinkedIn that he wanted to switch careers and become a product manager. He wanted to move from being an SDR (Sales Development Rep). He has no experience, he has never been a product manager before, but he knows  it’s what he wants to do. Here’s his post. I love that George wants to make a move and love that he’s going for it. There is no longer any reason to get

Nobody Brags About Developing Somebody – Why?

I spoke at DreamForce 16 this year. My presentation was about coaching. The key quote from the presentation was this; “Nobody Brags About Developing Somebody” When I said it on stage, it was a powerful observation. I didn’t build it into my presentation. It just came to me as I was speaking. It’s been retweeted several times since, so it clearly affected others as well. You can hear my voice dip in disappointment as the

A Craft vs A Job

A craft is something we look to perfect. A craft requires passion. A craft, by definition, requires skill and the constant improvement of that skill. When we embrace our craft, we are more committed to its purpose. We are more inclined to improvement and the execution of the craft. When we embrace our craft, we are focused on the outcomes, the value it creates for others, our influence in the outcomes and how we deliver the

I Had to Correct Zig Ziglar, I Just Couldn’t Help Myself -The 21st-Century Demanded It

Zig Zigler is the man, he’s earned my respect and everyone’s respect for his contributions to the sales world. But I just couldn’t help myself when it came to this quote.   Although a great quote, I think it’s a bit dated. We’re in the information age of the 21st-Century and fewer and fewer people care about how much you do. We care more about what you deliver. During the industrial age, jobs were more