Are You Using Social Media Yet?

So, where are you on this social media thing? Do you have a Twitter account? Are you on LinkedIn? Do you use Google +?  Or are you one of those people sitting on the sidelines still trying to figure out why social media even matters, because you have too much to do to be bothered with what someone is eating for lunch. Let me help you out. Consider this a Sales Guy Public Service Announcement:

The Reach Revolution

Reach is arguably the most valuable non-monetary asset in the world. What I mean by non-monetary is that it’s not a currency or commodity like gold or stocks and bonds. It’s not a tangible asset you can “own” or hold in your hand.  But, it is a real asset that can be worth MILLIONS. You don’t believe me?  How is that Jay-Z is now a sports agent, LeBron James just closed another 7 million dollars in endorsement

Asset of the Future – Why Your Online Presence Will Be Worth More Than Your Home (Update)

Four years ago I wrote this post – Online Presence – Asset of the Future – Why your social graph will be worth as much as your home. I wrote it because, I was beginning to see a trend building. The trend, social media was changing the way we interact and people were no longer going to be willing to engage others without more information.  We, unbeknownst  to ourselves, were beginning to rely heavily on the web

Join My Network on LinkedIn

Image via CrunchBase It happens a lot, people I haven’t heard from in a long time, people I barely know from a past job try to connect with me on LinkedIn.  I know exactly what is going on — they’re out of work. It’s sad.  I don’t like seeing people out of work, freaking out about where their next position is going to come from.  You don’t want to see anybody in that position. Understanding

The Hardest Thing About Being Online

The hardest thing about being online is combining and sharing all of  our lives personas not just one. Last week I created my splash page.  I posted about it a few days ago, you can see it here. I think is cool and timely as more and more of our identity is moving online.  Setting up an profile should take no more than 10 minutes, but it took me a lot longer than that.

Me – In One Place

I completed my page today.  My URL is What do you think? put’s your entire online presence in one place, accessible through a simple URL.   It takes nothing to get started.  You upload your picture, pick the colors, the fonts, write your bio and add your sites.  That’s it. Once you site is set up visitors can see your entire presence without ever leaving the page, as pulls in your latest

Why People Don’t Get Social Networking

I was talking with someone the other day about Twitter and the importance of building a social presence.  Their response was, they see how it is important for some people, but for his line of work, it won’t work, especially Twitter.  He had an array of reasons why Twitter, Blogging and Social Networking can’t help him.   His business is too specialized he said.  It’s not going to get him any more business than he

The Blog Connection

I have over 50 blogs in my reader.  I like them all.  I read at least one post from all of them every week.  All of them offer something I find compelling and interesting.   Despite how good the content is and even the blog subjects, there are a few blogs I call favorites.  These blogs are the first blogs I read everyday.  I’ve put them in a “favorites” folder.  I always open my favorites

Why Google Shouldn’t Copy Facebook – Google Me #Fail

Michael Arrington TechCrunch founder, has a post up today where he suggests that Google needs to copy Facebook, or clone it to be exact. They need to raise the white flag and just copy Facebook right down to the details. Otherwise the war is over before Google even got to the battlefield. -Michael Arrington Arrington’s argument is Facebook is making inroads on Googles self serve ad business and if Google wants to compete they need